Who is the Real Priya Mulji?

In my 8th month of living in London a lot has changed. I have made new friends, adjusted to living with people I don’t know, found out the area I live in houses rapists, met new loves, lost new loves, exploring alone but now it is time to be strong. I have wonderful people around me and I am so grateful for that. I feel I need to get to know myself better. When you lose loves you begin to doubt and question yourself, wonder what you did wrong and whether you are pretty or intellectual enough? Fact is, that is natural but we just need to get over it. And that is exactly what I am doing. Trying to get over it and take up new hobbies, visit new locations in London I haven’t been to and go back to being me. I do feel  I need some closure but not while I am angry or upset; for now it is time to find out who the real Priya Mulji is.

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