Find Priya A Job!

So, as most of you probably read on my twitter feed that on 29th June I lost my job as a marketing executive.

For many years I have wanted to move to London, or somewhere more exciting than Nottingham, to meet new people, change horizons and pursue my dreams. The 29th came and I found myself unemployed. Let me tell you one thing, from the ages of about 17 I have had a job for the majority of the time. At college I worked weekends and at university I worked during holidays. Once I had graduated I found employment within a month and now at the age of 30 I feel quite lost and unsure of what to do with myself. Sometimes I think a great marketing or social media role would be amazing, sometimes freelancing or contracting in these areas, or best; blog and write forever but that isn’t an option because most of the time you need journalism qualifications.

My sister lives in west London so for a few weeks (or however long she will have me) I have decided to try my luck and find me a job in London or the Midlands! Anything in marketing or social media will do for now but I am going to try my best and FIND ME A JOB!

If anyone knows of recruitment agencies or companies that can help me please drop me an email at or tweet me @PriyaMulji – I would appreciate it tonnes!

I will keep you updated on my job seeking endeavours!


Priya Mulji xxxx

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