One Minute With Daniel Pillai

Daniel Pillai of Two Mangoes talks to me for a minute about Life, Two Mangoes and, of course, Bollywood!

Daniel, you love Bollywood so much and it’s apparent; where did your passion start off?

My love for Bollywood started when I was 3 years old with the song “Ek Do Teen” from Tezaab. At that age, no child really understands the concept of Bollywood films, but the color, the lights, the dancing and the catchy tune of “Ek Do Teen” is what I picked up on and loved ever since. That’s when my love affair with Bollywood began and my love and admiration for my favorite, Madhuri Dixit.

The first Bollywood film you saw?

Although my exposure to Bollywood started much earlier, the first film I ever saw, from start to finish, was Indra Kumar’s “Beta” (1992). I watched it for the “Dhak Dhak” song sequence and of course, for Madhuri Dixit.

Priyanka Or Katrina?

Priyanka Chopra.  This is quite obvious given my Twitter Rockstar status. It’s even in my Twitter bio. I think Priyanka Chopra’s talent is fresh in the industry. She’s able to, very successfully, maintain a glossy, glamorous professional image combined with a very down to earth and approachable feel which adds to that freshness. I also love the fact that she’s out there meeting fans, communicating with them and just being real; rather than a cold, untouchable public figure. In addition to all of this, she can act as well and I love it!

Madhuri or Madhubala?

First and foremost, everyone should know that I am one of the most loyal and enamoured Madhuri Dixit fans in the world. Madhuri was my first favorite and she forever will be. Madhubala is a classic and I will always find her to be one of the most beautiful ever-green actresses there ever was.

John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan?

Neither, lol! God bless the good looking and talented men in the Bollywood industry, but Bollywood, at least in my opinion is all about the women! Bollywood is gloss, glamor, colour, dance and clothes…all of which the women bring on screen.

How does it feel to be part of Two Mangoes? 

Being part of TwoMangoes has been an incredible experience. They say that when you surround yourself with good people, good things happen and that is exactly what sums up my association with TwoMangoes. The entire team is like a family and we all work very hard to make TwoMangoes what it is. Each and every Mango on the team has helped me grow into a very strong and confident professional and anything I am today is because they helped me get here.

You recently were on your first ever TV show presenting, tell us how you landed that part? 

Bollywood Blvd has been a show I have watched since I was an adolescent. It’s the only Bollywood show we have in Canada that caters to the mainstream audience delivering engaging content with a very young and fresh vibe, oh and of course, a lot of Masala. It’s hard to say how exactly I landed the part…things just happened one day. I’m still very new to the show, but it’s fun and I love doing it!

How did it feel presenting your first show? 

There are always nervous thoughts and feelings before I do anything that is going to be available to the public, but they are good nerves. Veronica, the host of the show who appears in my segments, has become a friend of mine outside the studio as well…so our conversations on screen are very natural and just how it would be if Veronica and I are having coffee.

What is in store for Daniel Pillai? 

This is a question I ask myself everyday and I plan for it too, but you can never fully plan for your future. A lot of you future has to be left to the unknown. I do my best to stay positive, surround myself with good people and nurture all my relationships. Whatever is in store for me, I welcome with open arms.

Daniel with Priyanka Chopra
Daniel with Priyanka Chopra

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