14th February

Contrary to what you may believe I love Valentines Day. I am a full on romantic. I love what it represents; I love what people feel on this day and how you can make someone extremely happy and loved with the smallest gesture.


Lets be honest how often do you do something extremely special for your partner on a day to day basis? From what I hear; never, so why do people say Valentines day is a commercialised holiday or just another day? It isn’t.


I’m single, happily so right now, but if I was with someone I would make a big deal; buy gifts, make a personalised card, massages etc. And I would expect the same in return; to be wined and dined, be given flowers chocolates and a night of wild, passionate love making 😉 but I’m not so I’ll be telling my friends and family how much I love them, I may even treat myself to a little something. My best friend and I, for years, have exchanged Valentines cards and this year isn’t going to be any different.


I suppose the point of this point is that no matter what people say everyday isn’t Valentines Day. You and I love Valentines Day so make the most of it and don’t just dismiss it as ‘another day.’


One thing I would urge people to do is tell people how they feel, if you’re in love with a friend just tell them, if you’ve admired someone from afar tell them, if you’re having problems in a relationship or marriage take Valentines day to talk about it and try to work things out, because 14th February will be the perfect date to fall in love all over again.

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