One Minute With Jas Banwait

My New One Minute with is with Chief Social Mango Jas Banwait from South Asian dating website Two Mangoes, i’m not going to give you too much of an intro as I think her One Minute says it all!

Jas Banwait
Jas Banwait

How did you get involved in Two Mangoes?

Well, my close friend Rahul and I had been friends for years, we bonded over business strategy and carpooled to nerdy tech conferences. One day, he told me his wacky idea for TwoMangoes and I told him it was terrible and he should stick to building mobile apps. In any case a year later, after receiving funding and formulating the idea, he pulled me in to help him run the social media for the company, I suppose I didn’t think the idea was so terrible after all. 😀 The rest is history.

The best thing about Jas?

My ability to be laid back and worry free. I rarely get frazzled.

If anyone would play you in a movie who would it be and why?

Priyanka Chopra of course… she’s classy and poised, apparently just like me.. :O

Your favourite book

The Case for Falling in Love.

Madhuri or Sridevi?

Oh sheesh, that’s a tough one, my Bollywood mentor would tell me to choose Madhuri, but Sridevi is who I grew up with…so I am gonna go with Sridevi…(don’t hate me D!)

Coffee or Tea?

COFFEEEEEE, coffee, COffee, coFFEE, COFfee, coFFee. PS, I like coffee.

John Abraham or Hrithik Roshan?

To be honest, I am not a huge bollywood fan girl….but let’s go with John Abraham because last time I was in India, I may have seen him at a party.

Priyanka or Katrina?

Zomg, Priyanka all the way…(she will play me in a movie after all..)

What song do you sing in the shower?

I’m too sexy for my shirt. D’uh… 😀

Why should our readers sign up to Two Mangoes?

Well, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but why wouldn’t you sign up? If you’re single, and looking, then here is your opportunity to meet like minded, single professionals just like yourself. Plus, we’re cool, fun and have virtual laddoos while we don’t ask for your skin colour! Score!! It’s free to sign up and registering can be done through facebook connect!

Thank you to the lurrrrrvly Jas for taking the time out to take part in my ever increasing One Minute with series! You can visit the Two Mangoes website here or follow Jas on Twitter 

Priya Mulji 

Ps, check out the articles I have written for Two Mangoes on my Two Mangoes dedicated page

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