One Minute With Asjad Nazir

When the opportunity to have a One Minute interview with my very own editor for Eastern Eye arose I jumped at the chance. Asjad Nazir,  the showbiz editor of Eastern Eye, has been published in every mainstream newspaper from Daily Star to Sunday Times, written two books, done tonnes of TV work, has interviewed every major celebrity, I decided to turn tables and get him to answer my own ‘Priya Mulji style’ questions.

Coffee or tea?

I drink lots of tea. Can’t stand coffee, tried to drink a cup once, but got a headache.


Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif?

Neither! I once asked Rani Mukherjee to marry me. The only time I have ever got down on one knee and proposed. She smiled and said ‘I will think about it’, but I suspect she was probably just being polite.

Your favourite type of cuisine

Even though I have been to the best restaurants in London, I am not a big foodie, but favourite dishes included anything spinach related.

The most memorable interview you have conducted?

There have been countless as I have been blessed enough to interview so many amazing people. Some that stand out include spending the afternoon with my hero late great Shammi Kapoor at his residence in Mumbai, Richard Branson on first class of Virgin on the way to India, being flown to Singapore to meet Amitabh Bachchan and interviewing Shah Rukh Khan while we tried on £5000 watches.


Your favourite part of a woman’s body

Her mind! The most meaningful relationships will only happen with women who have beautiful minds.


Your most favourite city in the world?

I loved the beauty of Rome and the simplicity of Freetown in Sierra Leone.

Your favourite film?

Although I have a collection of over 1500 movies, including masterpieces, the ones I have seen more than any other are Dil Dekhe Dekho (1959) and Die Hard. I met Bruce Willis at the premiere of Die Hard 4 – didn’t have heart to tell him it was worst in the series.


If there was anyone you could interview who would it be and why?

I have met every single celebrity I have ever wanted to meet except one and that is Eric Cantona.

The best thing about working for Eastern Eye?

Although meeting my biggest heroes and travelling around the world has been great, the best thing has been giving countless newcomers their first big break from writers to stars including Jay Sean, I gave him his first ever cover when he was unknown and there have been many like him since.


What is your biggest vice?

I’ve never smoked, done drugs or touched alcohol, but made up for it with my cake consumption. I want someone to teach me how to make the perfect cake.


Your secret talent?

I am tremendous at chess and learned how to play when I was 7 years old.


Your biggest unfulfilled ambition?

To build an orphanage! I set the wheels into motion in Sierra Leone last year and will hopefully realise my dream of building an orphanage and school in the tribal areas of the country in next 18 months. 


I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Asjad for giving me his time, and for helping me with my column and the articles I have done lately – cheers big guy!


Priya Mulji

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