One Minute With Sai Priya

When the opportunity comes to have One Min with who is kinda your namesake, can sing and is an ex New Yorker; you can’t say no. I introduce to you the incredibilty talented and gorrrrrrgeous……………… Sai Priya x 

Sex, drugs or rock n roll?

Wrap up, hell no, and you haven’t lived ‘till you have

You just got your first tattoo; what was your inspiration behind getting that particular phrase?

My tattoo says ‘ Here & Now.’ It’s very personal to me as it symbolises living with full consciousness in the present moment, as we can’t live in a future which yet doesn’t exist…and a past which is not a part of our lives any more.
Let go, surrender.
The ‘Here&Now’ is what we have in our hands which in turn will plant the seeds for our enriched lives ahead.
When you realise all you have been doing all your life is planning for your future as a result of a past you are moving away from, the most beautiful moments Here&Now will never be lived, with full gratitude, and consciousness.

If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?

Joan from MadMen – a women who knows her strengths and isn’t afraid to flaunt them – watch it you’ll know what I mean 😉

Wine or Cocktails?

No chance for me to choose just the one lol, wine for romance and good friends, cocktails for my crazy evenings of escapism ‘till the break of dawn – come join me 😀

Your idea of a perfect date

I have them every time I’m with him

What made you want to pursue music?

My love for the universal non-verbal language, which binds people from all corners of the world together. I’m sure at every point of a girl growing up she wanted to be in the spotlight like a ballerina or singer, i stopped ballet at grade eight ha!

Your biggest achievement to date?

Getting on the property ladder whilst juggling between my passion for music and that of a City career girl between London and New York.

Your favourite part of a mans body

His heart and mind, and his ability to understand mine

If there was someone you could collaborate with who would it be and why?

If only Michael Jackson was still around, that would be like a dream come true

Whats in the future for Sai Priya?

I have a number of collaborations in music I am really excited to release soon, keep a look out! Sky’s the limit, and like i said I’ll plant the seeds for my Now’s to create a fruitful future. 
Or visit her SoundCloud:
Thank you once again for taking part in One Minute With.
Priya Mulji
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