One Minute With Harry Key

I recently came across one minute with my favourite author Roopa Farooki online and I thought it would be a wonderful idea to now and then do the same on my blog, it could be famous people, normal people, people making a difference – anyone really.

So ladies hold your breath my first One Minute With Interviewee is…………………….. starof Dostana and Provocate Style coach Harry Key!!!

How did you end up in Dostana?

I am a real fan of doing strange things. When bizarre opportunities pop up, I’m always the first to leap at them. The chance to visit India after university in Australia came up, and I took it. I had the chance to buy a reasonably priced motorbike and bought it. Rode around all of India and ran out of money in Mumbai.

Someone offered to put me on a film set (Jaan-e-Man) as an extra. I did it, and again the next day, and the next day, until it had been two months. I realised I could make a go of it, and got a working visa, portfolio, and threw myself into acting. Going to the gym, preening myself, learning Hindi and even, on occasion, waxing my chest (OUCH!). I was well known for being good to work with, I only threw tantrums when totally necessary (like being asked to sit in baking 40 degree Celsius desert heat, in direct sunlight, for what would have become two months. I patiently waited two days, then went berserk and got myself a trailer. I kinda deserved it – I was the lead actor!).
During the hundreds of shoots on ads, TV shows and Bollywood films, I met some of the assistant directors who ended up working on Dostana. They recommended me, because I am naturally funny (and I was usually stuck in horribly negative roles, raping and murdering mostly). They called me in and I aced the audition (mainly, I think, due to my unshakeable belief that I was good, rather than by actually being good).
Next thing, I was on set, shooting my scene in Dostana, meeting John Abraham (he is really nice, even shot a video with him sitting on my bike, can be found on YouTube), Abishek (who is… Interesting… He changed the staging, because he tells people he’s 6’3″, and standing next to me, he clearly wasn’t, so we were separated by about 10 feet and they had to whip-pan to him instead of having us both in the same shot. He wasn’t aware I could understand this, because I recognised the words ‘lamba gora’ and ‘kuch dur’ [tall white guy and some distance])… and Priyanka. She is damn gorgeous, graceful, eloquent and I immediately fell for her. I fall for lots of women.
From that shoot, I was spotted and put in a Nokia commercial with Priyanka, which was meant to culminate in her getting married to me, then answering her phone before pulling back to reveal we’re actors on a set. Due to some asshole police officers who hadn’t been bribed for use of Juhu Beach, we couldnt shoot it there (though I did meet one officer who was an ‘encounter specialist’ who proudly admitted to having shot and killed 22 men). We eventually shot a much shorter and rushed version of the ‘wedding’ in a nearby nightclub. I got to hold Priyanka’s hand and pretend to marry her – only problem was that she was crying.
Priyanka Chopra or Katrina Kaif?
Der. Priyanka. And I will have her, some day.
Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter. It’s more open, though it is difficult to say anything interesting in 140 characters.
Tell us a secret..
Once on a film shoot, a horse behind mine tried to mount (have sex with) the horse I was on, while we were at a flat-chat gallop during a take. I almost got bummed by a stallion on film.
Harry Key
Harry Key
When’s your birthday?
7th November
Do you believe in destiny?
No. I believe we are born into circumstances, and create opportunities for ourselves. I am in the driving seat for my life. I am also a hardcore skeptic – I am an atheist, don’t believe in horoscopes, astrology, reiki, homeopathy or psychic powers.
I think the world is too fascinating to be polluted by man-made fantasies, and they often serve to cripple our reasoning skills, which stunts out creativity and intelligence. True beauty lies in truth, and true wonder lies in knowing that we don’t know stuff.
What’s that one material thing you can’t function without?
Technology. My phone, iPad and laptop. If you deleted the Internet, I would probably struggle to create purpose for my life. I truly believe that the Internet is a precursor to a real god: Loving but jealous and fickle, all-powerful and all-knowing. It will soon serve to surpass the need for a justice system. A justice system full of porn and pictures of cats.
The world’s best city is?
Sydney. Der!
What gave you the idea for Gender liberated flirting?
Since I left Bollywood, I have been a ‘speech and confidence coach’ – and in the area of coaching, I have felt an impostor. I felt I needed to find my area of excellence, and share my skill from that.
I met an incredibly powerful trainer called Sue Knight, and she in turn introduced me to the work of Frank Farrelly – a style of coaching that uses humour and shock to help people break out of unhelpful patterns, its called ‘provocative’.
Sue recognised and nurtured my ability as a coach, but the issue of my relationship with women kept coming up. I am an exceptional flirt, and have a magnetic ability with women (and men), and that often polluted my coaching work. I was a bit conflicted about this (because a lot of my private clients were women).
So rather than hide from it, I embraced that and decided I’d teach my skills to guys and girls.
It’s all just confidence and being comfortable with who you are, and being selfless with your attention
And finally, sell to us in 10 words or less
Be funny, strong and purposeful. Develop your own Provocative Style.


Thank you Harry and hopefully I will come along to one of your events soon. I will will leave you with this picture from Pazhassi Raja where Harry played ‘Assistant Collector Thomas Harvey Baber’ and was once described as ‘woefully wanting’ in a review.


Harry Key Pazhassi Raja
Harry Key Pazhassi Raja

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