Fredericks Bar Birmingham

Now I’m prone to a good glass of red or a delicious cocktail and I recently discovered a trendy new bar which serves just this situated in the heart of Birmingham. The name; Fredericks Bar.

Situated on Frederick Street in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter what struck me when I walked in was the chic and idyllic decor which transported me to such cultural locations similar to Paris, Milan and the United States of America. I decided to re-live my San Francisco adventures and ordered the cheese board served with grapes with a nice glass of Spanish Rioja which was absolutely delectable; they even serve a zinfandel from India!

Fredericks Bar
Fredericks Bar

So whether you’re looking for a place to grab an after work beer with the boys, drinks with the girls, an afternoon coffee with friends or even a romantic evening of fine dining  it seems Frederick’s bar the new place to be.

You can visit their website:

Or for more information contact Nilesh Chouhan on 07983 808888 or email

Join their Facbook page:

Or follow on Twitter:!/fredericksbar


The best thing about Fredericks Bar – Quote code PM1601 until 31st January to claim a free coffee (one per customer)!!

Fredericks Bar
Fredericks Bar

Priya Mulji

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2 thoughts on “Fredericks Bar Birmingham

  1. ps – bit on the quiet side though . the otherday i saw the barman talking to himself in the mirror .

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