Wine, Pizza and Girls

You can’t beat a girly night in. I’d had a wonderful evening with a friend on Friday night getting my first ever dose of Vietnamese food and going to watch 50/50 at the cinema. I thought the movie was thought-provoking and funny apart from being predictable and slightly long but great company + delicious food + pick and mix = a very happy Priya.


On Saturday I got all glammed up, left my sisters place with a bottle of rose in hand and made my way to the lovely @jyojo_b ‘s place. We had, for months, planned a fab night out in London with @mkaurfashion. Our plan was to go out, get some food and cocktails and go to a party at the Gherkin. That soooooo didn’t happen.

It hit 8pm and we started watching the Xfactor final (or drooling over Dermot O’Leary more so). 9pm hit and we decided to get pizza in and go out a bit later. Before we knew it 11pm hit and amidst all the chatting, pizza eating and wine guzzling we realised we weren’t going anywhere. The 3 of us chatted about life, work, love, family and everything under the sun (or moon in this case) MKaur left around 2pm and JyoJo-B and I finally went to bed around 3am. I haven’t stayed up so late just talking for so long.

It just goes to show that you don’t need to go and dance the night away to have a wonderful evening, and never have 3 girls been so glammed up for a night in with pizza, wine and Dermot.

Love you ladies.

You can visit the ladies’ fab blogs here:

Priya Mulji

Ps, well done Little Mix for winning the x factor 2011!

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