17 days until I am 29

So it’s Thursday 10th March. In 17 days time it will be my 29th birthday. I am not scared to reveal my true age, even though I have been told I need to ‘get out more’ and people have asked what has happened to the old Priya Mulji who instead of partying would rather stay in and bake a lemon drizzle cake. Am I ageing beyond my years?


Well let me tell you, people change. Not because they have to but because it is nature. I have no desire to be out every weekend dancing, drinking, the way I have been doing for the last 12 years. For some dancing the wee hours away may be an arousing thought, stumbling into bed, waking up with a headache, wine stained teeth may be normality. But for me gone are the days. The odd night out where we can sit around a table , chat, drink wine and be in bed by 1pm are far more appealing.


I just wanted to tell you, my little cupcakes, that at the age of (almost) 29 it is ok to stay in on a Friday night and bake!


Priya Mulji…x


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