My Same

I don’t want you to find someone else

I know it’s selfish of me

But it’s not a feeling I can hide

I love you I really do

It’s not something I can hide

No matter how hard I try

I know it sounds funny

I know it sounds like I’m thinking of myself

 I couldn’t give you want you wanted

But that’s just me I can’t change myself

As much as I love you

You didn’t want me for me

I want you for you

But you just didn’t accept me

My thoughts My feelings

But it’s a simple feeling I love you, for who you are

And I am just standing here

Asking for you To love me In the way I do

But you don’t love me, you just don’t feel the same way I do

I can’t ever find some one who understands me the way you do

My same x

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