Stylish Desi


Have you ever thought you have so many sari’s but you hardly wear them just because you don’t like them anymore?

Ever received a suit as a gift from your gran or a family member that you absolutely hate? You don’t want to throw them out or give them to charity? Well your prayers have been answered …………….  Stylish Desi has now arrived.

You can buy or sell these outfits on Stylish Desi’s website. They are are a marketplace for new and pre-owned ethnic wear. is really THE one stop place to get all your ethnic wear.  Stylish, affordable and very easy to use! You register and post your item to sell it. To buy you just login, search for your item, buy it and review it. It’s that simple! You can buy or sell saree’s, accessories and suits for males or females.

View the website at:

Follow Stylish Desi on twitter!/Stylish_Desi

or like Stylish Desi on Facebook:

They are absolutely wonderful and the best of luck to Stylish Desi for this unique endeavour.

Priya Mulji…x

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