My Hometowns Glory

A few people on Twitter have been moaning theres nothing to do in Nottingham, these are people who have only lost their Nottingham virginity, so I thought i’d tell them about just a few of my favourite places in my hometown …………Nottingham.

My Favourite Bar


Based at the top of the Cornerhouse Saltwater is a relaxed place with a great ambience. Saltwater boasts a lovely rooftop bar which is wonderful in the summer and just as gorgeous in the winter with the twinkling lights that sparkle just like the stars in the sky. Whether you have a cocktail under the stars or a beer on warm lazy summer afternoons Saltwater always has a welcoming atmosphere. Theres also a restaurant in Saltwater so do check it out.


Saltwater Nottingham
Saltwater Nottingham


Runner up – Tantra

If you’re looking for a Sex and the city inspired bar (with beds if you fancy a nap!) then Tantra is the place to be. The reason Tantra was a runner up was for the sheer amount of people that go in there. A very busy place and thats reason it was a runner up but they have a great selection of cocktails and theres no riff raf allowed in!

Fave restaurants

Value – Tamatanga

Having trouble looking for a casual place for lunch or dinner that serves great and wholesome food with amazing value? Tamtanga solves all your problems in one. Tamatanga is a curry house which is set in the style of Wagamama’s that has big tables which you may share with other people. Great for taking kids and excellent value for money. The beauty of Tamatanga is that the food is amazing! Great homestyle curries, biryani’s, wraps, salads, starters and thali’s. Welcoming for children, great for a lunch date or dinner with friends. The service is excellent and if you go to Cineworld Nottingham they sometimes give you 2 for 1 vouchers on the back of your cinema tickets. I recommend the Paneer Makhni.

If you are looking for more upmarket curry houses try The Curry lounge which has featured on one of Gordon Ramseys programmes, 4550 miles from Delhi or Memsaab. Memsaab’s Reshmi Kebabs are second to none and i’m not much of a lamb fan!

Classy – Chino Latino

Chino Latino is a very popular choice of restaurant if you are looking for pan –asian food! I chose this place not just because of the unique food they serve but also the decor. Very comfortable and warm surroundings with rustic ‘asian’ colours. The crispy chicken with passion fruit sauce is a delight to the taste buds.

There are two runners up. The first is Siam House on Lougborough Road. This was a runner up because not many people I know love Thai food so I don’t get to go there as much as I can. The same goes for Tarn Thai, another thai restaurant which is in Hockley in the city centre.Tarn thai again has the most amazing decor. You feel as if you could be sitting in a restaurant in Thailand! If anyone fancies a thai please do let me know!!! &

My favourite spot to reflect

A very emotional place for me… down by the embankment, next to the River Trent, next to the bridge theres a little spot. Steps lead down to the water and over look skies, some houses and the Notts County football ground. It is a great place to just sit and reflect, shed a few tears, eat a sandwich or just to read. Go here to be lost in your own world or just for some peaceful moments.


Trent Bridge
Trent Bridge


My favourite sandwich shop

Phillo’s in West Bridgford

Phillo’s is a cute deli-esque cafe in West Bridgford, opposite the Natwest. They do the most amazing Brie, Cranberry and Grape baguettes! Yum yum for Priya’s tum. Its just a small place where you can get a take out for lunch or just sit by the window have a sandwich with a coffee and watch the world go by, which I often do. They also serve cakes, pastries, salads and quiches. If you can’t see a filling on the menu they’ll make it for you! They don’t have a website but have a look here just to see what it looks like and a cute review

Best Tourist Attraction

Nottingham Castle




Full to the brim with the history of Nottinghams most famous man, Robin Hood. Nottingham Castle is a great place to go in the summer for a walk around the beautiful grounds or to take family who would like a day out. Visit the museum and art gallery for a true taste of Nottinghams history

Thats all for now but I shall be adding more ‘favourite places’ soon!

Priya Mulji…x

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