Little Red Riding Hood Coat – Matalan

Matalan Red Coat

For a while I have been on a search for a red coat. I have lots of smart coats which I have spent a fair bit of money on so didn’t want to spend alot of money on a new Red Coat. I have been obsessed for a few years with a coat that Priyanka Chopra wore in Salaam e Ishq but could never find one.

I was flicking through a magazine and discovered Matalan had a selection of red coats in their current range so I got my ass straight down to Matalan Nottingham! I didn’t get the one I had originally seen in the magazine but this gorgeous one!!! Whenever I wear it I get called ‘Little red riding hood’ by someone or another…


Matalan Red Coat
Matalan Red Coat


I absolutely love it and an actual bargain at £45!!!! Go get it now! Red will be BIG this season and its my favourite colour 🙂 You can follow Matalan on Twitter @matalan – they always reply to me!

You can order this coat online here:,brand


Priya Mulji…x

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