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Of late, I think Twitter is becoming one of the most important tools for social networking when you want to get a message out to the ‘universe’

Facebook is fine for sharing photos, events and general daily information but from a business perspective Twitter comes out tops! I use it when I am at work to get our business messages across to the world but I also use it personally to promote my blog! And I know some of you are reading this when you have clicked from the link I have posted on Twitter. I really appreciate your support since I started writing this blog back in April.

I was actually staggered today when I was looking at my blog stats for the last few months. I’m getting more and more people reading my posts on here each month, and I mean this from the very bottom of my heart, when I say a massive Thank You to all of you that do take the time out to read my incoherent babbling which goes on for about 500 words each time….. Love you! Remember, i’m just a girl from Nottingham x

So this evening my mate MJ signed up to Twitter. You can follow him at and now you know Mj’s name, its not Michael Jackson!

I thought I would share some of my wonderful (and sometimes weird) fellow Twitterers with you so you can follow them and be part of their crazy world. They are quite an eclectic bunch so show them all some love, cos everyone likes a little bit of Love now n then!

Firstly I must tell you about:


Fantastic twitterers! They sponsored me for when I did my 10k Run at Blenheim Palace and they haven’t even met me! You guys are utter legends! BTW you have until 21st Nov to sponsor me and you can do that at: . They aren’t great just because they sponsored me but because they seem like actual, genuinely nice people – nuff love to you guys!

Next we have the fairly recent which is a charity that brings together the older generation and the youth of today so that everyone can enjoy religious events in harmony. Their website is: – Please support them and check out my previous blog post for more information about them.

If you follow The Mango Blossom then you must also follow who works with that charity and also runs a Marketing and PR company called Opulent Marketing…among other things! Sheetal has a friend called who writes for Bollyspice and does film and music reviews for on the and they love – so follow all those fantastic Tweeps!

Fancy a bit of hot and spicy punjabi in your life? Then why not follow – they produce hot n spicy sauces which are now are sold in Asda! You can even order from their website:

Want to know about the economy? Need Design Advice? Saving Elephants? What to read? Where to go in Manchester? Then follow for all that info and a hellluva lot more…. If the above interests you then check out:

What the Jedward??? Need some British Asian comedy in your life? and are your men! Couldn’t go a few days without hearing their clever snippets of humour thrown into my working hours, makes the day go quicker and it’s always good to smile 😀

Want to buy or sell new or pre owned Indian clothes? Then follow and check out their website: is Ms Motivator – follow this amazing lady for some awesome quotes and inspiration in your life!

Need photography advice? Want to know where in London a celeb is doing a press conference? Follow for all that and some political wonderings. Along with Sohail is the equally talented photographer and artist!/mkvphotography – probably the sexiest (and intelligent!) female photographer around! Visit her website at:

Lots of other  sensational Twitterers you can follow – (thats Amitabh Bachchan and he tweeted me once yay!)

Oh and I forgot someone! Me! You can follow me at 🙂

Thats it for tonight, I might add more to the list at a later date.

Who are your fave twitterers? Let me know x

Priya Mulji…x

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