Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses Vs. Laser Eye treatment Vs. Drugs?

Glasses can look HOT! I think a man with the right glasses can look very, very handsome, sophisticated and extremely sexy! I must add I am a glasses wearer myself  so I am biased but even then I mostly wear contact lenses. Scientists in London have discovered the gene that causes Myopia, or short sightedness, and could develop drugs to slow down the growth of the eye that causes the condition.

Now, would you give up your sexy glasses and take these drugs?

Priya Mulji x

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2 thoughts on “Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses Vs. Laser Eye treatment Vs. Drugs?

  1. Hell YES!

    I bloody hate wearing glasses..!
    I’m short sighted so only really need them when driving.. but I still hate it.

    I’ve enquired about laser surgery in the past but been told I can’t get it done cos my eyes aren’t bad enough!!

    I do love the look of my specs.. but absolutely hate wearing them!

    Gimme drugs!

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