What Women Want

So, recently a male friend of mine asked me to do a blog post on ‘What Women Want from a man’  I thought it would be easy. There would be a simple answer. Women want love. Simple as that, isn’t it?

For me the main this is love, someone who understands me, respect, honesty, someone who makes me laugh ( I’ve been known to have a dry/sarcastic sense of humour so they must understand that too) obviously you need to be physically attracted to them a tiny bit too, right?

So I did a little Facebook poll and got the following pieces of info from 4 women in different stages of either being in a relationship or not in one. Two are single, one is married and one is engaged-i’ll let you figure out who’s who:


“Respect. Without it there is no relationship.

 Everyone has dreams of a perfect life and nowadays lots of people attribute perfection with wealth. It’s not bad to want to fulfill your dreams but sometimes we need a reality check. Life will never pan out the way you hope unless you’re damn lucky but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy and thankful for what you have. I personally would love a rich good looking man who adored me and showered me with gifts but i’d be a fool to think that’s what I’ll get. As long as my man (wherever he is) loves, respects and cherishes me I’ll be the happiest and richest woman in the World. The End”

KB – “Trust, Honesty and a bloody good sense of humour……”

SP – “A good personality, someone that can hold a conversation, someone that is fun to be with, someone that surprises you with little things”

BG – “Someone that can understand me, make me laugh, who has his head screwed on, knows what he wants in life, has goals and ambitions, someone who wants to travel, see the world, has self respect, and also respects others and has family values. Money is what makes the world go round, I  have no ambition to earn millions but I want to be comfortable”

My Thoughts..

The friend of mine who commissioned this article seems to have the idea in his mind that all women want is a well off man. I’m sure the above proves that not to be true! Ok, so money might be important to a small percentage of women but with wealth comes arrogance in some men, not all men (if you find a rich, down to earth man you’ll be very lucky but that is just my experience talking). 

The majority of women want a man who will love her, be honest, keep her comfortable and give her respect and all that will come high on the list before wealth.

These are my own opinions so please feel free to add your own thoughts….be interesting to know what you think 🙂

Priya Mulji

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