Esha Deol Lookalike?

Random people always say that I look like Esha Deol (daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra)

Yesterday I went into Sainsburys at Castle Marina in Nottingham and a lady on the checkout said I looked like her. A while ago at a random sweet shop in London a girl said to me I looked like Esha Deol and a few family members think so too! (I think my cousin TG looks like her so there must be something in the genes) – she’s a gorgeous lady so I shouldn’t complain! But I don’t see the resemblance!

I’ve attached a pic of  Esha and one of me- What do you think?

Esha Deol
Esha Deol
Priya Mulji
Priya Mulji

Esha Deol Pic source –

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