Guerlain Mascara

We ladies love a good weep and I am just the same so this afternoon when I was having a little emotional lunch hour I had to let a few tears out whilst sitting down by the River Trent in Nottingham.

A few tears ended up being more than just a few. Not because i’m sad about anything but just because I’ve felt so run down the past 10 days or so everything just caught up with me and the tears just flowed. Felt much better after a good weep and am back on form!

So I’m a mascara lover and am on my second Guerlain waterproof mascara. I thought oh goodness I have no tissues but when I checked myself out in the mirror I have to say the only smudging I had was from the Urban Decay eye liner which I wear. Well done Guerlain. £24 well spent!

Pic source & Check out the mascara here –

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