New TFNC London Dress

Oh my goodness I am more excited than BG is about getting her new Digital SLR right now (ok, well maybe not as much!)

So, I went on and reeeeeeallllly wanted this dress but I thought I shall wait until payday but I could not with hold myself any longer this afternoon and after having a rubbish morning I thought I would treat myself to a little dress number.

Alas! My size had sold out! This evening the lovely @lilyloveslights suggested I check out the Topshop site as I was getting a little eager and reeeallly wanted the dress. Could not find the TFNC range on the so I searched for the TFNC website and found it ( The dress was available in my size so I totally ordered it in Cream! Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Check The dress out on this link as it will not let me copy & paste for obvious reasons:

Just need a party to wear it to now – any invitations? x

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3 thoughts on “New TFNC London Dress

  1. ooooooooooo i like it… yes i am very excited and can not really contain the excitement about getting my digital SLR….. woohoo.. x

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