House Sitting

Ok guys

So, I have been house sitting for the past week for my little brother who is holidaying in beautiful Dubai but i’m back home now as I was kindly asked me to vacate the premises before his return and seeing as he returns tomorrow I thought i’d better leave tonight.

I would like to thank him for letting me use his humble abode for a great week of thinking, dreaming, reacquainting with old friends, dancing, healthy eating, discovering Cougar Town and realising that at age 28 living at home isn’t so great.. or is it?

Flat renting is sooo expensive! Can I afford it? I guess I could if I gave up luxuries like…. alcohol!

The ‘typical indian’ mentally kicked in when I kindly advised my mother that I was going to move out in 6 months when I saved some money “you can move out when you get married” Oh yeah right! Get married – because I have a whole queue of guys at my front door asking for my hand in marriage!

So I need to make a plan and seeing as the marriage situation will be unlikely to work out for at least 3 years  I need a money making scheme.  All legal of course. I love my job (I work in Marketing by the way so I dont want to quit my job – my boss is officially the best!) but I need a bit more income.. any ideas?

Think i am going to ponder the above the tonight so that will be all for today

Love Pri pri x

Ps, my thanks go out to a certain MP for the Thai green curry on Friday night – big hugs & mucho gracias xxxx

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