3 types of people in this world

A Friend of mine Raja Javaid is an amazing philosopher and will give you very true and thought provoking advice. He has recently told me that there are 3 types of people in this world and about their realised/unrealised abilities. What do you think?

1. Those that don’t know their purpose, they are born, live their life and then regretably die in ignorance, although they are capable of so much they are ignorant of that fact and then leave the world without knowing

2. Are those that realise a talent, skill or ability that they have that is natural to them, be that artistic for example, yet never really exploit it, they want to do something with it yet get so consumed with day to day things that leave this world having not fully realised there potential/purpose

3. Those that see that ability skill etc and do everything they can to realise it, when they do finally realise and exploit it they grow to be legendary in their own right… that could be an actor, a scientist, a great philosopher

So to be true unto yourself we should do everything we can to drive our purpose/ skill or abilities rather than fall under 1 or 2
Now isn’t that something to think about…x

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