SHE – short story

So, I have been working on a few short story ideas to explore for something longer. This is my first one which I wanted to have a little fun with! Don’t worry, i’m not plotting any murders! Enjoy!


It’s been 170 days.

The body still hasn’t been found.

How could it have been found, SHE had disposed of it well.

HE, the ex-boyfriend deserved it. Every cheating, lying, scoundrel of an ex-boyfriend does.

HE had cheated.

HE had lied.

When SHE had found out, he blamed her. SHE would have forgiven HIM, instead, he left, with his mistress, Kim.

But it wasn’t her fault, she loved him. She just wanted a life with him. Love. A family.

It was an accident really, I just wanted to tell him that I loved him and wanted him back. But, it didn’t quite go as planned and I killed him.

It was just an accident though.

I had just meant to hurt him. To teach him a lesson. To hurt him like he had hurt me.

Instead, I killed him. They’ll never find me, so I don’t care.

It was just an accident

I accidentally told a friend. I told Jess when we were at the pub the night I had killed him.

Jess had just broken up with her boyfriend, so I did the same to her cheating boyfriend. Tom didn’t deserve Jess. Tom is now in hell with Rav.

Rav. The arsehole who was cheating on me with his sex-retary from work. I think I will kill her too.

He told me they had more in common. What? More than us? She’s 20. You are 40. How can you have more in common than me and you? We spent the last 3 years together. We talked about our future country house. Children’s names. Dog breed. But fine, go with her. You’ll be together in hell anyway.

Arsehole. They were just shagging and you thought you were in love. Fuck you. Kim didn’t love you like I did, Rav.

Rav. Tall, dark and astoundingly handsome Rav. I was punching, I knew it. I was 5’3 and average. He was 6’1, build, confident and rich. But now who is winning?

People were devastated when his body was found. Nope, if I can’t have you, no-one can.

I had just planned to punch him, knock him out a little but, shit happens you know and he’s dead now. I just got so angry at him. I just wanted love.

170 days ago

Me – I’m on my way

Him – ok, I have to leave by 7, so be quick

Me – Sure x

And it was quick.

‘Here’s your stuff,’ Rav said, as I lingered in his luxury Chelsea apartment.

‘Thanks, Rav,’ how are you?’

‘Yeah, good,’ Rav said, rummaging around, looking for his keys. I had seen that look before. He was avoiding me. He was going to see Kim, I knew it. He was going to see HER. I wouldn’t let him.

My mind snapped. I grabbed him. ‘Why her??’ I screamed.

‘Not now, Nora, not now.’

‘But why?’

‘I have to go and I don’t have time for this Nora, you have what you came for, now just leave me alone, okay. We’re done.’

That’s when I snapped even more. Something in my mind switched. I was so angry. How could he do this? Cheating and then showing no remorse. Openly getting ready to meet her in front of me. The audacity. A plan formed quickly in my mind.

‘Can I have some water please?’ I asked calmly, making a soft, pleading face.

‘Okay,’ Rav said, reluctantly walking to the open plan kitchen. I followed him. Looking around me. Making sure nothing was in my way. As Rav turned round to fill a glass of water from the tap (bastard couldn’t even give me water from his filter, the rich twat), I inched towards his cutlery drawer.

As Rav wiped up the spillage from the water he had poured, I quietly opened the drawer, feeling behind me for the largest knife I could find. I could see the knife in my mind. The large, glistening knife I had used so many times to carve meat for a Sunday roast for the both of us. I gripped the knife tightly in my palm. I couldn’t see it but my brown knuckles had turned white from the tight grip and my face had turned from the adrenaline rush.

As Rav got ready to turn around, I plunged the knife quickly into his back. Rav fell cleanly to the floor. Without thinking, I plunged a knife 9 more times straight through his heart.

Rav’s eyes closed.  I leaned in, listening for breath and feeling his pulse. He had stopped breathing. Phew, he was gone. He was dead. He would never cheat on anyone again.

That would teach him never to cheat. It’s how I killed Tom. I had gone to collect Jess’s belongings and used the same tactic. I’d do the same for anyone that’s been cheated on. I have even started to advertise my services. SHE – the cheater killer. I don’t even care about being caught. I hadn’t exactly cleaned up after myself so the police clearly knew it was me that had killed Rav and Tom. I’m rich now anyway, I’ve killed 13 men and 7 women.

But I didn’t care. They had cheated. They deserved it.

Two days later I killed Tom and later that day, I was on a plane to Italy. They’d never find me. I changed my identity and within weeks, I had become Nina the pizza waitress.

I’m going to do it again tomorrow. For my friend Meera. Her boyfriend Tyler is cheating on her with Chloe, so I’m going to kill him. Tyler doesn’t know I live in Italy now, where he is on holiday with his mistress.

A small smile found its way across my face as I scribbled plans in my notebook and sipped my espresso under the Italian sun.

Next stop, Mumbai. An actress’s husband is cheating on her, I’m going to kill him.

Priya Mulji x

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