2021 reading challenge

Priya Mulji – book reviews, 2021 reading challenge

So, in 2020 I read much more than I have in so long. In 2021, I think it is time to get through the pile of books that I have accumulated over the last few years. I’ve set a book buying ban (let’s see how long that lasts), and so apart from anything I have pre-ordered or anything I get sent to me as a gift or to review/ARC, I will attempt to not purchase anything.

I plan to read two books per month (or 24 books across the year) and therefore, I will update the below page with the books i’ve read. Stay tuned for book news and reviews!

You can follow my reading journey here – https://priyamulji.com/2021-reading-challenge/

I posted some reading tips, whch you might enjoy:

  • Start with a few pages a day and build them up slowly
  • Choose shorter books. Shorter books will give you a sense of achievement when you have finished it and inspire you to pick up another one
  • Read something you’re actually interested in. There’s no point in reading a non-fiction book if you like to get caught in a whole different world, and vice-versa
  • I love to read in the bath, there’s no distractions and you can relax completely. Just don’t fall asleep!
  • Just pick up a book and read!

Happy reading!

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