Moto Pizza – Chelmsford

Feed me pizza & tell me i'm pretty - moto pizza sign
Feed me pizza & tell me i’m pretty

I’m a foodie, a proper foodie. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian…. Gimme gimme gimme! During lockdown however, we haven’t been able to go out to our favourite restaurants and enjoy our beloved cuisines as much. I think one dish that everyone can agree on loving is Pizza. It’s a dish that can be enjoyed by everyone. Pizza crosses cultures. Coming from an Indian family, if we don’t go out for Indian food, we go for pizza. For a family get together, if we don’t cook, we order pizza. When you get together with friends, you order pizza. On a Friday, my go-to takeout is pizza. When my boyfriend and I don’t know what to cook, we order pizza. Pizza makes your heart happy, it’s a food to be shared and it brings people together. That’s the power of pizza.

As you probably know, my fella and I have been separated during lockdown and I relocated back to the Midlands to my parents temporarily. However this weekend, we had our first weekend together since March (hooray!). So, when we were making plans of what we should do for our first weekend back together, I said 100% I wanted to visit Moto Pizza in Chelmsford.

Moto Pizza - pic taken from Moto Pizza Facebook page
Moto Pizza – pic taken from Moto Pizza Facebook page
Moto pizza date night
Moto pizza date night

Why, you ask? Well, Moto Pizza, based in Chelmsford town centre offers one thing and one thing only: BOTTOMLESS PIZZA. Yes, you heard right! For just £15 you can eat AS MUCH PIZZA AS YOU LIKE. Now, I’m not talking Pizza Hut buffet style. This is freshly cooked roulette of pizza where staff bring round assortments of pizza with a variety of toppings and you can choose what to eat.

Mixed veg and truffle & mushroom pizza moto pizza
Mixed veg and truffle & mushroom pizza

So, you’re given a bottle on your table, turn on the green light on the table and you’ll be bought multiple slices of pizza with a variety of toppings. You get a classics as well, as the restaurants own concoctions of deliciousness. And it’s fab because you can literally taste all the pizzas available on the day. They even do vegan options. This weekend we had margherita, Cajun chicken, some kinda meat feast, truffle and mushroom, mixed veg, ham and mushroom, goats cheese with caramelised onion, Cajun potato and red pepper (sorry I didn’t get enough pics!)… oh and a garlic bread pizza with cheese. We had garlic mayo and chilli mayo dips for our crusts and enjoyed our pizza with a glass of prosecco.

moto pizza chelmsford
Margherita and cheesy garlic bread at Moto Pizza
moto pizza chelmsford
Prosecco at moto pizza chelmsford

I think the dough, which I read on their website, is fermented over 48 hours and is sourdough (but don’t quote me on that). Basically, all the pizza here is super delicious and we both had pizza baby stomachs when we left. Every slice was delectable and I could have probably sat there all night and kept eating.

moto pizza chelmsford
Pizza makers at work at moto pizza chelmsford

The style of Moto Pizza is warm, modern and welcoming. With a funky, relaxed vibe with cheery staff, do pay Moto Pizza a visit if you’re in or around Essex.

moto pizza chelmsford

It’s walk-ins only, so make sure you get there early to guarantee a table. Ooh, and they take away too!

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(Apologies for the pics of half-eaten pizza, we were just too excited to eat!).

Priya Mulji

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