Oscar and Rosie’s Nottingham – Pizza Perfection

Since having to temporarily relocate to Nottingham from London during lockdown, I haven’t done much food blogging. This isn’t a gifted or PR meal, I just love this place so much that I just had to write about it!

oscar and rosie's nottingham
Oscar and Rosie’s Nottingham interior

Just this morning on Facebook, I had a reminder of an amazing trip I took to New York City 2 years ago. It just so happens, that I was reminiscing about New York pizza yesterday on my second trip to Oscar and Rosie’s in Nottingham (making use of the last day of eat out to help out, thanks Rishi!). Based in the heart of Hockley, Oscar and Rosie’s started as a pop-up, but is now a permanent fixture on Stoney Street.

Since visiting Joe’s Pizza in the big apple, I have only been to one place that I truly believe lives up to the standard of NYC slices and that is Oscar and Rosie’s. I’m a plain pizza girl all the way, so that thin base, oozy cheese and crispy crust has won my heart! It is delicious, non-greasy, cheesy, flavoursome and tasty pizza at its finest.

So, yesterday our meal consisted of….

Pizza wise:

The margherita – a proper classic thin margherita which I could have probably eaten all to myself. Was amazing dipped into sriracha too!

oscar and rosie's nottingham margherita
The margherita

Boom chicken wah wah – a properly topped pizza with chicken, bacon, mushrooms, onions and BBQ sauce, (although I think we did order the big willy’s buffalo chicken, but no-one noticed when the pizza arrived). This is an extremely flavoursome pizza and one for meat-lovers!

oscar and rosie's nottingham boom chicken wah wah
The boom chicken wah wah

For sides:

A large garlic bread – such a lush super garlicky bread with a butter and herb base, topped with freshly cut mozzarella.

oscar and rosie's nottingham cheesy garlic bread
The cheesy garlic bread

Twice cooked paprika and rosemary wedges – a lush side topped with rock salt and ever-so moreish – bit of a rubbish pic, but they’re in the middle.

oscar and rosie's nottingham meal
Take a look at the wedges in the middle!

Once we had eaten our meal, we were happy bunnies. I mean, pizza does that to you, right? I could probably live on pizza, so finding this gem of a place has just made me so happy! If you’re a proper pizza lover, I definitely recommend paying it a visit. I mean for £11-15 per pizza, you can’t really go wrong, and two people can easily share one pizza. They also do the ‘infamous metre’ pizza. They have a whole vegan section, so amazing if you’re plant based. Also gluten free options.

Oh, and they’re dog-friendly, which is great for my family since we’re new dog owners! Looking forward to going back in a few weeks for mum’s birthday, dog in tow! Tia likes pizza as much as us, as you can see from this picture:

Tia the dog loves pizza
Tia the dog loves pizza

Visit http://www.oscarandrosies.com/ for more info on them and to visit their socials.


Priya Mulji x

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