My tweet to Sonam Kapoor about Uber went viral!

So this week I met my friend Bina for some food and drinks, we both shared an Uber home. When I got home that evening I read a tweet from Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor regarding a bad experience she’d had with the cab popular company Uber. Obviously, as I had used the service that evening I was curious. I replied to the tweet pretty quickly and she responded to me telling me about her experience.

sonam kapoor tweet about uber to priya mulji

Wow! How scary!

The next day I see my tweet has been included on sites like Sky News, Daily Mail and various Indian sites like the Deccan Chronicle and NDTV!

Sky News article

Daily Mail article

Deccan chronicle article

And loads more! I particularly loved how Deccan Chronicle mentioned me specifically in their article (columnist Priya Mulji), so thanks Deccan Chronicle!

Stay safe when using Uber or any taxi companies, make sure you check the credentials of your driver. Sonam, I hope you’re okay x

Priya Mulji



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