Exclusive Interview with BBC Asian Network Rising Star Harpz Kaur

When I heard that a lovely lady whom I had the pleasure of meeting last year at the Asian Media Awards had landed a brand-new show on the BBC Asian Network I was ecstatic! I decided that I HAD TO be the first one to interview her so here is my chat with up and coming superstar presenter Harpz Kaur:

With young journalist of the year nominee Harpreet Kaur
With young journalist of the year nominee Harpreet Kaur
Congrats Harpz on the new bbc asian network show – how are you feeling?
Out of this world. Words cannot describe how I’m feeling. I’ve wanted this moment since I was a child as silly as that may sound. It’s something I’ve grown up saying and now I can actually say I’m DOING. Dreams really can come true if you put in the hard work and believe in yourself.
Tell us how it all happened?
To be honest it was really unexpected. Even though it’s something I’ve always wanted, I was lucky enough to have the right people approach me at the right time. After years of building up some recognition, it’s paid off. I feel extremely blessed to have such important people within the industry recognise my work and take time out to appreciate it. It’s not been an easy ride at all, it’s taken years and years of blood, sweat and tears but nothing comes overnight. But i’m a strong believer if something is meant to be, Gods timing is always perfect. It was supposed to happen now and the right people have finally given me my big break.

Harpz Kaur
Harpz Kaur
What is the format of your new show?
I don’t know how it’s happened but I’ve been given an extremely exciting slot on the BBC Asian Network. I’ll be presenting the Sunday Breakfast Show from 6am till 10am, playing the best in Asian music. So basically it’s my duty to help wake up the nation. Being the talker that I am, it’s probably the best slot to suit me, Ha!
Going back to where you started, Fever FM, how did you start your career?
It started around 7 years ago when I began my university degree. I studied Media Studies and then went on to doing a LOT of work experience, my first being Fever FM. I was lucky enough to work with them for 6 weeks which then lead to a permanent slot. As time went on, one show resulted in hosting three shows a week. My Saturday night show “Strictly Bhangra” became so popular that I eventually started to bring in new ideas and interviewing artists within the industry live on air. Since then I’ve always had love for Radio. I realised that’s what I was born to do and that was my comfort zone.
What are you most excited about for the new show?
For starters I think just to be doing what I love on such a huge platform is a big deal for me. That’s definitely the most exciting part! To be able to say I’m a presenter on the BBC is amazing. I can’t wait to share my love for music with thousands of listeners. It’s going to be an incredible journey.
Who do you look up to the most, personally and professionally?
I’ve said it since I was young and I stand by it. I have always looked up to Sonia Deol. She has achieved so much in her lifetime within the media industry – it’s hard to find female asians break through in such a way. When I was young and clueless about radio I used to watch her interviews on TV with people like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and I used to say to my mum “One day, I’ll be doing what she’s doing”. I was also lucky enough to gain a few weeks of work experience with the BBC Asian Network in 2009, as a broadcast assistant for Sonia’s Breakfast show. I was so star struck I’ll never forget the moment I met her for the first time. And now I can’t believe I can actually say loud and proud, that I did it! I’m actually sitting in a seat that she was once sat in. It’s nuts!
You are the envy of many young women in the UK wanting a career in media, what advise would you give young females who aspire for a career in media?
I don’t really like the word envy. It’s a word too many women use these days and it needs to be avoided. We should just see each other as encouragement, inspiration and motivation. Gaining a career in media isn’t easy, especially if you’re an asian female, there’s so many stereotypes to face it’s like an automatic barrier. But I’ve learnt in life, if you really want something and you wish you could do it everyday then there should be nothing stopping you from getting it. Life has barriers in every field, it’s whether or not you choose to break them down. I used to think becoming a female DJ was going to be a nightmare. I was scared to tell my parents that’s what I wanted to do, simply because I had no idea whether or not they would approve because it wasn’t the norm. I’ve been lucky to have a family that have supported my every step. It’s been tough at times to convince them that I would be somebody, but passion shines through your work. They began to see the smile on my face whilst I was doing the things I love and that’s all that matters. They knew how much it meant to me. Ladies if you feel you’re too scared to come out and do what it is you love, you’re wasting time. Time doesn’t wait for nobody and you should always live the moment. Chase your dreams and do something about it. I’ve never stopped dreaming. The moment you stop, you begin to lose self belief. Every time something knocks you down, you get back up five times stronger. Never ever EVER give up. It took me seven years to get to where I want to be and if I can make it happen, so can you!
Tell us a few fun things about you Harpz:
Fave colour – Purple
Fave food – CHIPS! CHIPS! CHIPS!
Fave movie – Oo that’s a hard one. Law Abiding Citizen.
Fave subject at school – Art
Worst subject at school – Maths, never got it. Still don’t.
Three things people don’t know about you – I have a phobia of ketchup. I can read, write and speak panjabi [A Level yo!]. Errrrrm what else? I don’t have an appendix?!
Fave city in the UK – Leeds!
Fave holiday destination – Florida – Orlando.
Who would play you in a movie – Angelina Jolie, if only.
Which song would you say describes you the most – Sky Is The Limit – BIGGIE!
Your woman crush – JLO all day everyday.
Your man crush – Chris Brown
Thank you Haprz for your time and I can’t wait to start listening to you on Sunday mornings, 6-10am from the end of November! Boom! Girl power! x
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