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Bootea Logo
Bootea Logo

Warning: I use the word Poo in this post and talk about bowel movements!

After Christmas we all generally feel a bit… blah… this year I decided I wasn’t going to let the extra pounds just sit there and turn into fat but concentrate on my mind, body and soul and make visits to the gym more a part of my regular lifestyle. Also felt like I needed to do something else, perhaps a detox, I had heard of people doing the Bootea teatox so I thought I would give it a go after my friend Urvashi gave me a day’s supply to try out.  I posted on social media that I had purchased it and lots of my friends and followers wanted to know how I got on so here is my experience.

So a few weeks ago I went online to the Bootea Website and purchased a 14 day supply, it arrived about a week later. The website was really easy to use and there are loads of other products to try as well. I would recommend taking a before and after picture so that you can monitor your results, I really saw a difference!

Bootea 14 day teatox
Bootea 14 day teatox

How it Works

How it works is that there is a daytime tea that you drink every morning (or whenever you can if you forget to drink it) then a night time tea that you have every other night before bed which gets rid of the toxins that the daytime tea has been working on cleansing. Basically you poo a lot the next day. I would normally drink the daytime tea when I got to work and then the night time tea around 8.30-9pm. It would take about 6-7 hours to kick in for me and I’d need an early morning toilet visit then again a couple of time in the morning during working hours.

What I loved about Bootea

I lost 4 pounds!

I felt a lot less bloated

I physically look better

The eating plan was really helpful and as I’m not a massive meat eater it worked well and generally feeling better within myself and feeling healthier

I actually went out to dinner during the detox but didn’t feel great after indulging so the teatox forces you to eat healthy which isn’t a bad thing!

What I didn’t like so much

Having to go to the toilet at 4am

The uncontrollable urge of when you need to go to the toilet, you HAVE to go

Kind of an uncomfortable feeling in your belly after evacuating your bowel but I guess that would be normal as you have gotten rid of a lot of crap from your body

I had read online that the detox helps your skin but I didn’t feel it did

If you’re a major carnivore you are recommended to eat vegetarian food (you can have some fish) as previously mentioned I’m not a massive meat eater but if you are then you could miss it


Overall, I would recommend anyone wanting a good teatox to try it but don’t expect magic results if you don’t exercise and stick to the eating plan. It worked for me because I did and I will definitely use it again pre or post a holiday or if I have indulged over a period of time.


Priya Mulji

Pictures – Via Bootea Website

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