Manners are dead on the underground.

Sometimes I love London but sometimes I absolutely HATE it. So a little background on me is that I moved to London a little over two years ago when I lost my job, so I tried my luck and found a marketing job down here. Anyway I digress.

So, I’m a modern woman and all that but sometimes after a long hard day at work I would love it if some spotty college boy said to me ‘hey, you look like you’ve had a hard day, would you like to sit down’ and you know what I would love that. Purely because that is polite and shows manners.

However, what disgraces me more is when there is an elderly person or someone that is obviously struggling to stand and no one offers them their seat.

I’ll give you two examples of situations I recently encountered:

Today I was leaning against side of the Piccadilly line service to Uxbridge from Hammersmith around 5.40pm when I saw an elderly passenger but no one was offering them their seat. I insisted they take my place but they actually wanted to wait for a seat to become free, the young guy sitting directly next to us on the first seat obviously heard us and looked up and so did a young girl. I loudly said ‘yeah I’m sorry no one offered you their seat’ yet no one got up. Finally a seat became free all the way on the other side and the poor gentleman had to traipse across.


Last week, in the morning, around 8.20 am I was on the train in the other direction and a man got on the train and he had 2 walking sticks. Not 1.. 2. Yet no one offered the man his seat.

I’m young, I’m fine standing even when tired but this really disgusts me. The TFL need to promote good manners on the train more and people need to be more sensitive to people who require seats. I have sent a request out for people to share their examples as I want to collate a list and send to TFL so please send me yours by commenting on this post or by emailing

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