And relax…

So as you all know (if you don’t where have you been!) I’ve been nominated in the category for the Best Blog at the Asian Media Awards and I am super excited! Amidst all that I started a new job and have had loads on so I decided I needed to chill and go get a massage (for those of you who know me it is one of my absolute favourite ways to relax). Now when I lived in Nottingham I had the world’s best masseuse (I kid you not Nina’s Beauty is amazing!) however living in London I sadly do not get the pleasure of Nina’s massages so I have been on the search for a good masseuse for a while. I have had a huge selection to be honest because let’s face it London is full of amazing therapists. However I came across Metta based on Oxford Street which rave about and actually they live up to the hype! Lilly really massaged into my neck revealing that there is tension not just in my shoulders but in my neck and head which explains my random sleeping patterns and constant tiredness which I thought was due to low iron. For those of you who have the same issues I really recommend going for her back, neck and shoulder massage.

On another note I’m also loving the Wahanda app (take a look at it here) it’s really good because if like me you’re constantly on the go and don’t have time to scour the internet for reviews you can just browse on there when you’re on the tube or something, read reviews, book and pay for them through it.. I’ll definitely be using the app and Metta again! Also because Wahanda are not part of the ‘daily deals/discounts’ family you can choose from loads of amazing quality places for hair, beauty, massages not just people who trying to ‘sell’ their services.

I think it is really important to take time out of your day to day routine and make time for yourself to relax, recharge and just get some tender loving care. If you’re single like me you don’t have anyone to give you a shoulder rub it is especially important! Also, how often do you ladies with partners get massages from them! So go on.. book a massage and book yourself fabulous!

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