If you can’t say anything nice..

I’m sad to say that I have been the victim of cyber bullying. Someone said really horrible, nasty things about me (to someone else and not even directly to me) on Twitter which were entirely untrue and really upset me. The culprits never came forward and apologised for this but I never wished bad on them and I never would. I would however appreciate an apology but that is a different matter.

I wrote a blog post recently called Embrace Your Inner Single Girl and it generally got amazing feedback. However, there is that minority of people who will always make comments like ‘you’re writing this because you’re bitter about being single.’

Actually no.

I have an amazing life and enjoy sharing the fun parts of my life in these blogs and there are so many amazing women who can identify with them. The best feedback I get is that ‘I can really relate to this blog...’  but when it is my time I will have amazing life partner. Those people who leave such comments PLEASE REVEAL YOURSELVES INSTEAD OF HIDING BEHIND NAMES LIKE JO BLOGS (they have used that name I kid you not), you don’t actually realise your comments are hurtful and try and make us think we lack something in our lives – actually you are extremely wrong because it would appear that you may be unhappy in your relationship when we are out enjoying our lives and maybe you’re not. I’m not saying if you’re married/committed you aren’t going out and enjoying your life because on the contary I know so many couples who have an amazing social life but the fact you have time to read and make such comments suggests otherwise……………

My blog which is clearly about single women, dating and relationships so do you really think I am going to be writing about finding the love of my life? Because this would mark the end of this blog.

So I am politely asking you to refrain from making such comments; if you can’t say anything nice please do not say anything at all.


The end.


Priya Mulji

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