Randa Restaurant – Review

Randa Restaurant Review

Website – www.randa-restaurant.com

Food – 4.5

Ambience – 5

Location – 5


Situated just a stones throw from High Street Kensington underground station and about a ten minute walk from Notting Hill Gate station Randa restaurant, from the moment you step in, takes you away from the hustle and bustle of London life and transports you to a place where taste, culture and fresh ingredients do all the talking. I was intrigued to visit Randa because I love the concept of Lebanese dining. I love how you can share the dishes and just dig in with your fingers. It is a great form of cuisine for families without having to worry about spending lots of money, for groups of friends who want to just chat and catch up but most of all if you’re on a date, and especially a first date, it is a great ice breaker where you can informally share food, chat and get to know one another.

My guest and I arrived around 7.30 on a warm evening and even at that time the restaurant was already fairly busy. Throughout the evening we were given Jean, Marc and the team’s full attention which was refreshing due to the amount of people in the restaurant.

Whole Salad - Randa Restaurant
Whole Salad – Randa Restaurant
Fresh Olives - Randa Restaurant
Fresh Olives – Randa Restaurant


We started with a whole salad and olives which were yummy and then had our starters of:


Flatbread which was cooked in a rustic way

Hummus which was creamy but with a kick!

Aubergine which tasted lovely and was unique with the pomegranate

Tabbouleh which was tangy and fresh

Batata Hara – this was my absolutely favourite and we ordered another dish of this later. A traditional potato dish which was moreish and melt in your mouth.

Lamb & Spinach/Feta Pastries- Randa Restaurant
Lamb & Spinach/Feta Pastries- Randa Restaurant
Batata Hara - Randa Restaurant
Batata Hara – Randa Restaurant
Mixed Grill - Randa Restaurant
Mixed Grill – Randa Restaurant


We carried on our meal with other dishes such as the lamb pastries and even though I’m not the biggest lamb fan these were lovely and we also had the spinach and feta pastries which were more up my street and were perfectly seasoned and the pastry itself being thick and flaky, something similar to a dish I had in Morocco. We also had falafel which was fresh and colourful and again totally moreish. We also had a Lamb and Chicken mixed grill which I found a little tough but it was still perfectly spiced and left a tingle on the taste buds. This was all accompanied by sesame sauce and Tahini and a bottle of Lebanese Wine called KSARA.

KSARA wine- Randa Restaurant
KSARA wine- Randa Restaurant


We finished our meal with a huge plate of sweet, flaky, textured, delicious, moreish Baklava and a fresh fruit plate followed by mint tea for myself and coffee for my guest.

Baklava- Randa Restaurant
Baklava- Randa Restaurant



Overall the service was great and very attentive, everything was freshly prepared, the wine nice and the tastes exquisite. For a taste of Lebanese food I would certainly recommend Randa restaurant for whether you are going out with friends, family or on a date. I certainly will.


Randa Restaurant….. absolutely moreish!



Priya Mulji

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