The Priya Awards..



So many award ceremonies, so many awards to give, so little people to give the award to.

I was thinking the other day that someone like singer that isn’t well known but has an amazing voice will never be given a award so I decided that 2013 is going to see the first ever Priya Awards. I want to recognise people in the following 9 categories and then the winners will be features on my blog. Now, don’t be silly and say I have the best blog (like someone did when I put this out on Facebook to see what people thought) I want you to tell me who you love who deserves recognition. I want people to nominate their peers to, those who are in the same field or genre as them but admire them as an artist.

This needs to remain completely anonymous so I can only accept your nominations via email and my email address is – once I have them I will put it to the public vote! Please can I have your nominations no later than 31st May 2013 so that I can put it to the public vote and then announce the winners on 14th June so get emailing! Remember, that you must vote in all categories not just one…

So.. the categories are:

1. Best Social Media Influencer – Including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc

2. Best Blog or writer – this can include dating, entertainment, wedding, Bollywood, life style – anything really; just your favourite blog or writer

3. Best Photographer

4. Best Make Up Artist

5. Best Female Singer – all genres

6. Best Male Singer – all genres

7. Best Band – all genres

8. Best Unique Music Sound – all genres

9. Best Kept Secret – just anyone, who does anything (I need a couple of lines why.. This could be in music, charity work, community – anything!)

Don’t forget I can only accept your nominations via Email so please email

Look forward to receiving your entries!

Priya Mulji x

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