Happy May!

May is already here and oh how things have changed in the last year. Literally; changed so much. April 2012 I left my job with a huge motor retailer in Nottingham and went to work for a small fireplace retailer in Chesterfield with the promise of more money and more opportunity. I had embarked on a series of dates with some guy with a big nose. Things were fine and dandy and I was pretty happy. Then came June and I was made redundant, the big nosed guy ran away and I began to get cyber bullied. What the fuck was going on!? They say things happen in three’s and they certainly did. I started looking for jobs but the market appeared to be dead. I then made the decision to go and stay with my sister in London and try my luck in the capital city. It is the best decision I ever made. Ok, so I am always broke as hell because rent is London is way too extortionate but I am enjoying my life. I had always dreamed of living in the big bad city and now I am. I’m lucky to have friends to leave within a 5 minute drive and I can also drive or tube it to work so I am pretty lucky that way. I am working for an amazing car brand, love my job and I recently organised by first ever car launch which was very successful.


Everything happens for a reason so I thank you little fireplace retailer for making me redundant, I thank you cyber haters and I thank you big nosed boy for helping me in making the biggest decision I’ve ever made. I changed my life. It is time for you to change yours too. Forget the haters, embrace your dreams x

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