Nobody’s Perfect

So, it’s been almost 3 weeks since I was made redundant. I have made the move down to London and to be honest it has been a lot of hard work finding the perfect Marketing job. Making numerous applications, seeing and registering online with countless recruiters is a full time job in itself. Not that I am complaining because I know all my efforts will be rewarded in time and I will land myself an amazing job.

Yesterday I went to see a recruitment agency in Richmond, afterwards, I took the time to have a wander down by the river, do some writing and gather my thoughts. Water always gives me peace and in Nottingham the embankment is one of my favourite places to go for some thinking, crying and writing time. When I go on a sunshine holiday I am always at the height of inspiration at the beach, being away from everyone and escaping into a world of my own. I am off to Spain very soon with an amazing friend and I hope to get lots of writing done and come back full of ideas! I have had one interview which I didn’t get but, to be honest, I wasn’t the right person for that job and they were not the right company for me. Yet I carry on everyday with a new found hope that TODAY is the day I get that call saying Priya…we’d like to offer you a job; maybe tomorrow will be that day?

On a separate note (and I have written a whole column on this subject for Eastern Eye so watch out for it in the next couple of weeks) there are times when people will say things to you which upset you. It could be to your face, behind your back or online. It happened to me. A male and female on Twitter started saying some nasty things about me; completely unprovoked and not said directly to me. Things about me, my grammar and how I tweet rubbish all day. Which could be true but why does it bother them? If they don’t like my tweets or blog no one is holding a gun to their head shouting “read my blog, follow me on Twitter!!!!” It wasn’t nice and I was upset. This blog is to represent my thoughts at a particular point in time and has never been intended to be serious. Recently Rani Joshi said to me, albeit in regards to 50 Shades of Grey; ‘in peoples thoughts they don’t write perfectly’ and this is exactly what I do in my blog. Normally, when I post a blog it is on a whim, I am thinking about something, quickly capture those thoughts and post it. On reflection I will go back, correct things but the blog was never, ever intended to be serious; just an honest girls, honest thoughts…

I have never met these people, nor have I interacted with them much.. I wanted to say to these people that if someone said this about you, your partner, a friend or a member of your family; would you be happy? No, so in the future before launching an attack on someone please just take one moment to think about how this person will feel and how you would feel if you were on the receiving end. I am not perfect and neither are you.

Recently I have been listening to Stronger by Kelly Clarkson which I have related to after losing my job, breaking up with someone (yes, I was dating someone) and people being plain mean all in a matter of weeks! Listen to the words in this song and stand tall!!

Priya Mulji

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5 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. I sometimes get people fussing about what I write on Twitter or Facebook, but if they’re nasty to me, I’ll just be outlandishly nasty/sarky to them. They deserve it.

    Job-wise, after numerous applicatons last year, and doing all those bloody silly “Rate these comments in order from 1 to 4 for how you’d deal with a situation”, where basically ALL of them are either good or rubbish, so you can’t win, I phoned through to the agency as I hadn’t heard back and she said, “Ah, yes, we were just about to call you… erm… where’s the paperwork…” (oh, please, just tell me!) “….yes, you’ve got the job”. And I thought, “Bloody hell!”

    Same with another one more recently, which I move onto soon. Not brilliant money but a bit better than I’m on now, which will allow me to not only pay the bills, but also pay back family who’ve lent me money during some very hard times. I didn’t think I’d get this job in a million years, so for each part when a brown envelope’s turned up on my doormat I’ve thought, “This will be them telling me they don’t want me” and it’s been the opposite and I’m thinking, “Eh? They want me? Blimey!”

    I’ve a long way to go before life starts making any sense, but I’m trying to piece it together one day at a time.

    They say it’s easier to get a job once you have one, so it may be that you have to take something that’s not ideal in the meantime. I’ve realised it comes across better than a big hole in the CV as the application forms want you to cover every minute of every job. And why do the application forms always ask the SAME questions that the CV could’ve done? And they still want the CV! #makesnosense

    One of my favourite replies to a bully, which someone once told me, is when they say something nasty, you reply, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” 😉

  2. Dear Priya,

    A very interesting blog!

    I myself am new in the entertainment industry and got my first dose of unwanted criticism last night. I have to admit it’s a horrible feeling, but then, it’s every dog’s prerogative to bark 🙂 We can’t put a limit on anything, the more we dream, the further we get.

    Best Regards,

    Harmeet Sawhney

    1. I deleted it because I really cannot handle negativity at the moment. Upon some searching and entering the email address into facebook it turns out ‘Meera’ is a man……seems that men are doing more ‘hating than women of late. A sad state of affairs/

  3. hi PM!
    just catching up on your blogs. very well written, however, i’m inclined to disagree. the internet is a place where all kinds of people spew all kinds of opinions. i, myself, have had all kinds of things written about me, said to me, likely bullied, but i never cared, i’ve received far more accolades to my work and persona than not. in the end, your writing is about you, so rather than let it bother you so much, why not keep on trucking and not worry about what others think?
    just my two cents,

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