Happy New Year

Hi guys!

Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas.

January 1st 2012 is at our doorstep so I thought I would write you my final message for 2011. The year has been awesome with its ups and downs.

The greatest high for me was thanks to Asjad Nazir who gave me my first column. I became the Desi Carrie Bradshaw with my column in Eastern Eye Newspaper. It was something I had never thought would happen. Since I was a kid I have loved writing and always thought only my friends and blog readers would read my work but thanks to Asjad I was able to reach out, so thank you. Hopefully I will be writing a lot more in 2012. You can read my previous columns here.

Films my favourite films for 2011 were: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara in Bollywood and Senna and The Devils Double in the western world.

Post her surgery I saw the awesome Adele in concert and it was a beautiful, emotional and mesmerising experience.  Her voice was perfect even with her throat condition at the time. Thank you DeMontfort Hall Leicester for bringing her to the Midlands and thank you Adele for waving to me during your rendition of Right As Rain.

I met a few guys this year but November was my happiest month romance wise. Someone came into my life (see my previous post entitled First Dates).

2012 for me will mark the year I turn the dreaded 3-0. March 27th to be precise so feel free to send presents. I am planning a karaoke party in Nottingham for the big day.

In my dreams I could have a major promotion and pay rise so I can have no debts and be able to move to London. That I will find the love of my life. Get on the property ladder. But none of this will come without hard work and compromise. I have always been the type to write my feelings so undoubtedly you will have no lack of emotional posts in 2012.

Finally I would like to the readers. If it weren’t for you actually reading my columns and my rantings on this blog, twitter and facebook I wouldn’t be able to reach out and share my life with you. So massive mwah, hugs and thank yous to y’all!  x

Happy New Year!

Priya Mulji

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