A state of confusion


So in a week where I celebrated birthdays, Diwali and the Hindu new year I also discovered that sometimes, as much as you want or try, the heart will always get in the way. You might not think that something had such an impact in your life, but actually it will.


Sometimes more than you think, hoped or wished for.


So I have been faced with many situations in my life where I have been confused about something. I don’t know when why I let it get the better of me but I do. Whether it be love, life or career orientated a state of is always reached in the head of Priya. I probably make it worse for myself. This week I think actually had some form of an anxiety attack because of this so a note to myself is to take it easy and that’s why I after spin class plan on picking up a nice bottle of red and taking the evening off to relax Even thought I’d like to get my dancing shoes on and hit Nottingham!


Actually, have I spoken about the new obsession in my life? This is spin class (a hardcore indoor cycling class if you don’t know what it is, view a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJQkdHYkLIQ )


So a few months ago I thought I’d give it a go and after the initial death by spin class where I was aching for days I have continued to attend the class (The fact there is one particular hottie whom I refer to as ‘spin candy’ may have something to do with it-not that he’ll EVER notice me!) anyway it’s a great cardio class and helps general fitness and leg toning.


Anyway, I digress. Back to state on confusion. I have been told not to worry and stop stressing and chasing but it is in my nature to usually want what I can’t have and the more it’s taken away from me the more I want it!


Any tips for me to overcome this?

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