Take My Hand

Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak to all my readers! Hope you all have had a wonderful festive period.

In my everso random style a little  poem for you all – enjoy!


Why are you so scared to take my hand?

I know you’ve been hurt

But so have I


Oh why?


Even if you accidentally took my hand

Would you trust me?

Do I look like the type that would hurt you?

Or do you think I would walk away


You carry that crib in your heart; I’ll help you with it

Embrace with my soul

Catch if it falls

Idolise just like you


Looking ahead

I need to see a path

Which one to take

Where does the road lay?


But you don’t know

So I can’t do this

Be hurt again

Be made to feel I am in the wrong again


Maybe I just need to say goodbye

Love maybe will continue to elude me

Say what you mean

Say what you feel.


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