Existence. Love. Dreams.

Warning: this poem does not Rhyme or maybe even make sense..x


Existence. Love. Dreams…

You entered my life with a bang.

Not realising the impact you had.

Your steps heavy.

My eye lashes fluttering.

Heart melting.

You unbeknown; to your own charm.

I just wished for you to wrap me in your arms.


Too many dreams.

For me too much it seems.

Can’t take it anymore.

To live in a world like this.

Where I am a friend and in any other way; you don’t know I exist.


Kiss my lips.

Hold me against you.

Feel this love.

Which we could both be entwined in.



Let’s do it now, no hesitation.

Leave the world behind, escape to a Indian hill station.

Alas, these are just words, my feelings which I’ve written.

Who knows if you will understand them or not?

Whether you will read them and just forget?

Or just believe they have been written in jest?

I can see your shoulders held back when you walk tall and proud.

The glow on your face when you speak about your passions.

Grace me with your embrace.

Hold me to your chest.

Let me sink.

Let me cry.

Someone understand my plight.


But you walk away; with the intelligent, gleaming young woman.

While I just crumble,

And once again I just exist in a love-less world.

I write my feelings.

Wanting to more than just exist.

Having the dream.

The dream of loving.


I give in thinking I can have a protective shield around my heart.

Making up stories so that I have an excuse to see you.

Wishing you could actually see inside me.

Inside my heart.

But I can’t blame you; it’s not your fault.

I can’t be someone I’m not.

I don’t know what I can do to be what you want.

Should I even try?


But I’m stubborn and I won’t give up.

God is one day going to bless me with some love luck.

Maybe you will realise.

You will see the love in my eyes.

Touch my skin, feel my love.

Tell me it’s just going to be us.


Once again I want to more than just exist.

Have the dream.

The dream of loving.


Priya Mulji …x







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