Letter from Rohima – UV Light Therapy

As you all know I suffer from eczema and recently I have been communicating with a very sweet, young girl called Rohima. Like when I was a teen she is suffering the same way I used to but things have come a long way since I was a teen all those many years ago and she has dabbled with UV therapy but hasn’t had much success with it. I wanted her to share her experiences with you so here is a letter from her to you.

Hi everyone I’m Rohima and I just want to share my experience of having treatment with UV light Therapy.
I went for my appointment at the hospital and the doctors told me I had three options; they were bandages wrapped around my whole body, UV treatment or taking a tablet called Cyclosporin

Anyway I chose the UV treatment as it was a better option than the tablet and I had already tried the bandages. They asked me if I was good in the sun or if I felt better in the sun, because if it didn’t then there was no point in trying doing this treatment. I told them no.

The UV light is like the sun, really hot and makes your skin really dry before it makes it better. However, in my case it made it worse and sore! They had to stop the treatment after 4 weeks. Normally the treatment goes on for 10 weeks. They then immediately put bandages on my, as my skin was dry, red and literally falling off. To be honest I couldn’t even move around properly, that’s how sore I was!
Before starting the UV treatment you have to sign a consent sheet, to say that you have chosen this treatment and that whatever happens is your fault and not the hospitals.
By the way I’m not saying this treatment doesn’t work for everyone, unfortunately for me it me worse and lowered my self esteem and self confidence even more!
Anyway feel free to ask questions, I’m more than happy to answer them and share my experience of eczema with other fellow sufferers.

I would like to thank Rohima for being so open with me and sharing her experience with you all.

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