Priya Rants on the The Rising Cost of Living

Now, I’m not well versed on education, politics, government etc but I had to make my views known about the rising cost of tuition fees. I am absolutely disgusted at all these Universities charged extortionate amounts of money. I don’t particularly come from a ‘wealthy’ family but we are comfortable. Yet whilst studying at University difficulties were faced, I had to pay full tuition fees, which if I remember correctly was about £2k in 2001? It wasn’t an easy time and it wouldn’t be for anyone. If my parents hadn’t been working and instead were scrounging off the government by faking illnesses I’d have had the fees paid for me and I wouldn’t have needed to take out a student loan and got myself into £13k student loan debt


Nottingham University is one of the next institutions which is going to be charging the full amount of £9000 for its students.  As someone who didn’t go to Nottingham University (I went to Northampton) I am appalled at the government and the institutions plans to charge full fees. I don’t know if I will be able to afford, if I have children in the future, to send my them onto higher education without getting myself or them into mass amounts of debt. I think studying away from home is an invaluable experience which everyone should enjoy. You gain wisdom that many other experiences will not and when they say they are the best days of your life, they certainly are.


With the rising cost of living yet salaries staying the same how are we supposed to live without taking on extra jobs for further income to support ourselves. I pay taxes but what do we see/receive for them? I had to get a prescription this week and paid £7.20 for it! WTF! Who or what am I paying taxes for if I have to pay that much for some antibiotics. Another thing which gets on my nerves is petrol prices. Yesterday I got a full tank of petrol for my 1.0 Toyota Yaris and it cost me £49.50! A 1 litre Yaris! £49.50! Are you kidding me!


In the future I could just quit my job, live off benefits and my kids will go to University for free! Sounds like a good deal to me!



Priya Mulji





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