Priya Mulji – The Story So Far

In amongst all the women of substance; women who save lives, who have been victims of domestic violence, sufferers of MS or who empower people with life coaching; I was asked to write about me.

Well, where do I start? I can’t say that in the world of marketing or in my life so far I have saved a life or made a huge difference. If I have it has been completely unintentional. So, I have decided to give you a brief outline about myself (if you haven’t already read enough on my blog posts so far).

I have just turned 29 which makes me an Arian and I have a tattoo to prove that. I am of Gujrati origin and my parents are from East Africa (Dad is from Zanzibar and mum is from Dar Es Salaam).  I work in marketing (not telling you who for). I am a lover of so many different forms of music, reading, films, yoga, zumba, the Kardashians, paneer, nandos, pizza, merlot and a lot more. One of my biggest passions is writing. My blog has helped me to realise that I do have a talent. I took a writing course and realised that my strength lies in not writing about love (which I thought it would be) but about adventure and writing about a world unbeknown to me. I was quite lost for a while and didn’t know what to do and how to release my feelings on a larger scale. I felt found when people read my words and that they actually touched people and provoked thoughts in some people.

 I grew up in Nottingham and still live here. I went to Glaisdale School which I believe is now called Hadden Park High School. I was rubbish at school and the highest grade I got was a C (that was in English and Media Studies so explains a lot with my love for social media). I then went onto College and studied Business Studies. That’s when the alcohol love started when I used to spend many a afternoon at The Grosvenor pub with sisters Sat and Gurps drinking Vodka and Redbull.

I went on to study marketing at Northampton University where I met my friend Bharti whom you all know and love as the saver of lives. I met many people there Kat, Mandy, Geeta, Nathalie, Ravi, Kunal. Some of whom I keep in touch with some not so much. I do think about these people and think of the good times we spent together. Many a night was spent at Time & Envy. Short skirts and cute tops were my clothing items of choice on nights out. But when you’re young it’s all about showing some leg or cleavage. Although that hasn’t stopped me from showing off my pins now n then afterwards. I have good legs so why not show them off?

After university I did various jobs in shops, call centres, admin depts., in sales and even a nursing home (which lasted all of 1 day). Until I moved into the marketing job I am in now. Everyone has hopes, dreams, desires and aspirations. I hope to one day achieve them through my hard work because I have found that until you help yourself no one will help you.

What I really wanted to share with you, you will probably already know about this from my prior posts is that I have image issues. I will never be skinny, it’s not my genes. I haven’t got the straightest teeth due to a dentist’s phobia when I was a kid and still now to some extent and when I was a teenage I suffered from severe eczema over parts of my body which included face, arms and legs. Sometimes I feel I underestimate myself in terms of what I can do and what I am capable of. This is probably due to my  image issues or  with feeling incapable when I have people around me who are brilliant at what they do and they take over the scene whereas I am more likely to make my way to the finishing a little more slowly.

If you want to read about my experiences with eczema do check this out:

I have many hopes and dreams which I want to pursue. I have fulfilled one through this blog which is writing, explore the world, am there for people who suffer from eczema and help them realise that they aren’t alone

I think in the last couple of years I have changed a lot. I used to live in this dream Bollywood world, where everyone falls in love with their Prince Charming; it’s all picnics in the park and dancing around trees. I love Bollywood, it is a big passion of mine and has been since I was a little girl and always will be. My whole family are Bollywood lovers and my knowledge of random Bollywood facts is vast.

There has always been a lack of romantic love in my life. I’m usually seen as one of the boys, not the girly one, the one who people see as a agony aunt. I am not bitter about that but there are times when you feel lonely, you need a kiss and a cuddle but you don’t get one so then you indulge in a few glasses (or bottles) of merlot and sticking on some Adele.  But then you get over it and think about the love you are surrounded with.

I love singing and dancing but I think I have learnt to accept that sometimes things don’t happen in the way you want them to. Unless you are very lucky no one is going to have the perfect figure, perfect hair, career or love life. Everything takes hard work, commitment and time. Time changes people, situations and peoples direct lives.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to draw attention to all the beautiful women I have featured and show that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck anything is possible. Women of substance month may have officially come to an end but I will continue to bring you the stories of inspiring women for as long as I can.

Priya Mulji x

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3 thoughts on “Priya Mulji – The Story So Far

  1. Beautifully written hun. Very honest and just you! 🙂 You are a woman of substance – everyone is inspiring in their individual ways xxx

  2. Hi Priya, I just saw your tweet and decided to take a look at your blog post, including the earlier one about your experience as an eczema sufferer. It’s very touching…

    Your post has got me thinking about how our younger selves can stay with us and how we harbour certain feelings for years. Sadly, the scars of an imperfect adolescence don’t fade away entirely, but they don’t define you either.

    Happy belated birthday… (From one Aries to another.)

  3. Ahh thank you, when is your birthday?

    Yes they do stay with us, as I have found out from many other people, but I agree too that we can’t let it define us. It is up to us to build out future x

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