Monday Poem – Misgivings

I occasionally engage in writing a little poetry. I hope you like.


You believe everything you hear

Haziness clouds your eyes

I am obscure and I can’t hold you near

Sleep eludes me

Protrude my love I will

Dreams I write

You are my dream

I write about you


Engulf me like lava, hot and spewing

You are my wanderlust, where I want to travel to


I’d never let go of your hand, even in a crowd

Whispering sweet nothings

Think nothing about me and your misgivings

I’m not what you want, who you need

But science and light draws me close to you

Whether you want me or not

My scandalous attempts to win your love

Bold and unheard of words coming from my mouth wanting to feel your warmth

Your eyes warm and brown

Your lips soft as a cloud


A face I have never seen before

Understanding I have never felt with anyone else


You act mysterious when we speak

This makes me want to know more

Touch you from inside

Touch your mind


But you believe everything you hear

You want more

I just want you near


Priya Mulji

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