Ever have those days when you are sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself?

Well, when you do think about this 13 year boy who is being treated at Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal. Namkhel suffers from acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma.

Namkhel’s asthma attacks are so severe, that every time he has one he is hospitalised. He can be admitted for weeks at a time, when anything from the cold to an allergy to certain types of food can trigger another attack. Namkhel’s life has been completely dictated by the unpredictable nature of his asthma attacks.

Poverty is Namkhel’s only barrier towards recovery. £50  a month would cover the costs for the four different types of medication Namkhel needs for his condition, his inhalers, plus weekly hospital checkups. £3,000 would pay for all of Namkhel’s asthma treatment until he turns 18.

Thus far, Namkhel has had to rely on the charity of Dhulikhel Hospital and a particularly kindhearted family friend for his treatment. The family friend can no longer afford to keep up with the cost of Namkhel’s medication. Dhulikhel Hospital would like to do everything it possibly can to ensure that Namkhel’s childhood will no longer be stunted by his condition.

With your help, we are sure we can provide Namkhel with the medication he so desperately needs.

Denny Lung who is supporting Namkhel along with his sister who is in Kathmandu at the moment. Fundraisers are planned by Denny at Carlisle Rugby Club, a curry night, Jagermeister night. An auction for an Ulster signed Rugby shirt, and Jonny Wilkinson’s last shirt he ever played for Newcastle in and other prizes. Denny is also in talks with two established charities so they can help Namkhel.

Let’s do something to help this poor boy – contact @dennyyetlung on Twitter for further information.

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