JLS Concert Review 23/01/11

For Christmas my brother in law got my sister tickets to see JLS at the Capital FM Arena Nottingham, of course she couldn’t go alone therefore I stepped up and so did BG.

 Starboy Nathan was the first support act – a generic male RnB singer who had an incredible voice but I found his sound a little ubiquitous and there was way too much pelvic thrusting for my liking.

SIX-D were the second support acts who are a singing and dancing group of 6 youngsters. They had an interesting concept, sang and danced well. But I was a little confused as to what was going on and there seemed little cohesion between the band.

So JLS entered suspended from the ceiling in a car (Bentley, I think?) with their new song Eyes Wide Shut. They go through a few songs from their new album Outta This World and then took us back to the first album “JLS” which featured hits like Beat Again, One Shot and Everybody in Love.

At one point of the show they had a square walkway suspended from the ceiling and they all walked round it and you could almost smell and touch them!

The BEST part of the show was when they did a tribute to two of the biggest boybands in American history. N Sync and Backstreet boys. They sang Backstreets back, Girlfriend and more!

They sang amazingly although at some points I don’t think they were singing live. They were energetic in their dance routines and showed off their sexy bodies at every opportunity. Really enjoyed hearing my favourite JLS song Everyday I love You and of course was fab perving over Marvin!


All in all it was a fantastic show where males and females of all ages could enjoy it.

I must add one point. Aston, before singing, “Better for You” said that if you have a broken heart then there is someone truly better waiting for you and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time on this particular Sunday x

Great show! x

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