Worlds apart

The story of the masculine man and the geek…


Worlds apart

We will never be able to meet

Different you and I

The thought of you makes me smile

I pretend we share a pillow

Close my eyes

Imagine my head on your chest

As close as two people can get

My hair in your face

Wish we could stay this way forever

But we are worlds apart

You will never see me standing in the corner of the room

Holding my heart out in my hands

Waiting for you to understand

But you stand with the real women talking the talk, walking the walk

See my eyes

Which long for you to notice me and take me into your arms

You are who you are and I am me, just a curvy girl wanting to be loved

But you don’t see me

You just don’t have the time

While I try, try, try and try

To chase your tail and make you mine

The day will never come

You’ll always be with them

I will put on my glasses and coat

Walking away without leaving a trace


Priya Mulji…x



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