The Story of Dremix Pro

I would like to draw your attention to a friend of mine, who is a Music Producer, Songwriter, Entreprenuer, Artist Developer , CEO of Reflextion Records/Clothing!/ReflextionCo). I have also been teaching him random Gujarati words so he is a man of many talents… “Christmas Mubarak”

I had a little chat with Dremix and he told me that main influences are Ryan Leslie as he is his favourite producer. Also, Pharell Williams, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Tinie Tempah, Wiley, Davinchie and Michael Jackson just to name a few.

In August of 2007, Andre ‘Dremix Pro’ Spencer discovered his love for music was much more than just listening and that he wanted to be involved in some way. He was told to purchase a Apple Macintosh computer, but only if he was serious about music. He did and then led him to finding out he had talent at making music. 
In November of 2007, He rapidly became confident and wanted to showcase his music/instrumentals but wasn’t sure how. Subsequently he was introduced to Myspace by his older sister. He met alot of fellow producers/artists using  myspace and considers this to be where he started his musical campaign, posting countless hours of music.
I personally really like this. It’s called Rainfall:

In September of 2008, Dremix come back from Orlando FL after spending the whole of the summer there with family he now knew more than ever and he realised he was on to something not only were people feeling his music but he had requests. Nevertheless Dremix still felt he could take his music further and wasn’t quite ready. He did by joining Manchester city College (Sheena Simons Campus) where he spent two years with some other talented musicians and his confidence grew as a music producer.

In 2009, Dremix spent most of his time working on stepping his level up with each melody & drum beat he made. He was begining to get his own style and sound which resulted him working on a few projects.

In the summmer of 2010 Andre ‘Dremix Pro Spencer Graduated at his college earning him self high grades which he needed to persue Education at University. Dremix only 19 and has got the right mind set and focus which he shows within his music.

He told me that his aim for 2011 is to get his music out for everyone to hear and understand his music and to work with as many artists as possible.

You can Check out Dremix’s Website and all his other mediums:

Priya Mulji…x
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