When Flowers Direct sent me flowers x

I have probably had flowers sent to me about twice in my life (one of the times was from a female friend SP on my 21st birthday) and therefore I was having a little moan on Twitter about how no one sends me flowers and blah blah blah…

So I have recently come across Flowers Direct online and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I am not even kidding you!

I came across a gorgeous Christmas bouquet on their website which I thought was beautiful and just put out there that I wished someone would buy me them. Being the perpetually single girl that I am I do not have anyone to buy me flowers.

So guess what Flowers Direct did? They sent me an absolutely beautiful bouquet of flowers! they had read my blog and wanted to make me feel loved… and it really did. Who needs a man to buy you flowers?

I really do suggest that you all head to http://www.flowersdirect.co.uk/ or follow them on twitter and facebook

Heres a picture of me (make up less) with the flowers. I think you will be hearing more about Flowers Direct in the future on the Priya Mulji blog

Priya Mulji - Flowers Direct Flowers
Priya Mulji - Flowers Direct Flowers

Thank you to the wonderful people at Flowers Direct! You really made my Thursday! x

Ps, Lillies are my favourite flowers so feel free to send me some 🙂

Priya Mulji…x

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